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Create and deliver formative, interim, and benchmark assessments for K12 students online, on paper, and now with iPads and other mobile computing devices.


LearningStation offers a suite of advanced cloud applications that enable schools and districts to effectively and efficiently assess student understanding and mastery of Common Core and other state-mandated curriculum standards.  Our technology solutions and content delivery offer a unique, valuable, and innovative approach for teachers and administrators in K12 districts and schools who are adopting technology as a tool for instruction, measurement and academic achievement.

LearningStation leverages our past technology experiences to introduce innovations, providing for simple implementation, ease of use and operation, and optimization of resources.  Our modular application and back-end technology enable us to provide an end-to-end, turn-key assessment solution to school systems regardless of the technologies currently in place. Our architecture and design enable us to optimize performance and accuracy and provide flexibility.

Our network delivered model allows adaptable custom learning environments and provides choice and an alternative to traditional methodologies. LearningStation is currently in the business of providing a framework that supports the effective integration of technology in K-12 education.  We have a proven portal platform with encrypted Single Sign-on and integrated cloud SIF and SIS event driven synchronization and authentication, currently in use by over one million users. Online testing is still an emerging segment for the K12 environment; however, LS Insight is surely one of the most top used, cloud-hosted, online testing technologies for K12. Additionally, LearningStation has integrated learner response devices, for results capture, as well as Scantron, Apperson and a one-of-a-kind, cloud-delivered, low cost plain paper printing and scanning application, SnappyScan.   

Our flagship product, LearningStation Insight, is a standards-aligned formative assessment and integrated instructional tool, designed to help educators evaluate and address individual student learning needs.  We provide a SaaS online environment for educators to easily and effectively create, deliver, and assess standards-based formative practice tests.  Educators can create tests using custom, district-provided, or state-released practice questions in addition to drawing from thousands of preloaded standards-aligned test questions for language arts, math, and science in grades 2-12, licensed from NWEA (formerly ETS). 

Administrators can save and share tests with teachers across schools and districts, as well as publish assignments specifically required by the district. Tests can be delivered to students via our intuitive online interface or through other delivery modes such as learner response devices (clickers) and various scanning solutions.  Educators can evaluate student, class, and school performance through a variety of reports. Reporting data is generated immediately and includes intelligent links to targeted, integrated instructional content.  Decisions and modifications in resources and instruction can happen when and where needed; immediately addressing individual student learning requirements. 

Reviews & Testimonials:

"Education Backpack has made student and teacher files at Andover Public School always accessible and ever portable.  We were able to eliminate the expense of flash drives, CDs, and printed pages. Now, lesson plans, homework, and other kinds of documents are all available online whenever and wherever they are needed.  Over the three years we’ve used the Education Backpack, we’ve saved thousands of dollars in file storage and printing costs.  I highly recommend Education Backpack to any school system that wants to go paperless or simply save money on hardware and maintenance costs."

Rob Dickson, Director of Technology at Andover Public Schools USD 385

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