Education Backpack

The perfect school solution for online file storage and sharing

 Accessible and Portable

Organize and share all of your school materials securely and easily online with Education Backpack from LearningStation.  It's the perfect school solution for online file storage and sharing. With the Education Backpack, student and teacher files are always accessible and ever portable. Forget the flash drives, CDs and printed pages. Now, lesson plans, homework and other kinds of documents are all available online anytime, from anywhere. Teachers save valuable time not spent hunting for and preparing important materials while students and parents gain greater access to learning activities. Learning continues beyond school hours and outside school walls with the Education Backpack.

Safe and Secure

The Education Backpack provides exceptional security for student and teacher work. Virus scanning prevents file infection, so school districts need not fear contamination. Individual logins ensure that each user has private access to their work. The Education Backpack’s online location removes the need for back-up servers, freeing up time once spent overseeing them. Our intrusion detection feature protects information from external users and is strengthened by ‘round-the-clock’ monitoring by an experienced team of network engineers.

Geared for School

The Education Backpack delivers web-based file storage designed to facilitate the exchange of schoolwork between teachers and students. Homework folders provide easy points of access and sharing – teachers deliver homework documents to students; students retrieve them and then, when they’ve completed the assignment, return them to teachers -- all safely and securely, online.  No more paper shuffling.

Combine it with the Insight Assessment Platform or Use it Stand-Alone

For the student and teacher in need of space, the Education Backpack always provides just the right amount. Available along with your District or School Insight implementation, or as a stand-alone storage solution, Education Backpack gives every user—student, teacher and administrator—250 MB of storage to start. If seams start to bulge, more storage can be added. What’s more, because it was designed to meet the unique needs of individual schools, storage can be added in a number of ways: for all users in the subscription, for specific users (teachers and administrators but not students, for example) and/or by grade level.


Reviews & Testimonials:

"Education Backpack has made student and teacher files at Andover Public School always accessible and ever portable.  We were able to eliminate the expense of flash drives, CDs, and printed pages. Now, lesson plans, homework, and other kinds of documents are all available online whenever and wherever they are needed.  Over the three years we’ve used the Education Backpack, we’ve saved thousands of dollars in file storage and printing costs.  I highly recommend Education Backpack to any school system that wants to go paperless or simply save money on hardware and maintenance costs."

Rob Dickson, Director of Technology at Andover Public Schools USD 385

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