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Clear Results

The results are clear.  Teachers who use LS School Insight in the classroom have seen up to a 16% increase in student test scores on high stakes tests.  See the difference for yourself.  

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Better Reports

LS Insight's powerful, yet easy-to-use Reports provide immediate feedback about overall student proficiency as well as which students have not mastered specific concepts, making RtI that much easier and more effective.



Reviews & Testimonials:

"Education Backpack has made student and teacher files at Andover Public School always accessible and ever portable.  We were able to eliminate the expense of flash drives, CDs, and printed pages. Now, lesson plans, homework, and other kinds of documents are all available online whenever and wherever they are needed.  Over the three years we’ve used the Education Backpack, we’ve saved thousands of dollars in file storage and printing costs.  I highly recommend Education Backpack to any school system that wants to go paperless or simply save money on hardware and maintenance costs."

Rob Dickson, Director of Technology at Andover Public Schools USD 385

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