School Insight

Formative Assessments, Progress Monitoring, and Data-Driven Instruction for the Classroom

Achieve Data-Driven Instruction in the classroom

Achieve Data-Driven Instruction in the classroom with LearningStation's School Insight Assessment Platform.  Common Core and Standards-Aligned Tests and Formative Assessments can be created by teachers or school administrators and delivered to students online with computers or tablets such as iPads, on interactive whiteboards and student response devices, on bubble sheets, or on paper.

LS School Insight

The LS School Insight Assessment Platform seamlessly integrates with the classroom environment, giving teachers an easy way to assess student proficiency of concepts and intervene on the spot.

Teachers as well as school administrators can quickly and easily achieve continuous data-driven instruction in the classroom.  


Create Quizzes

Create quizzes, tests or assessments using thousands of questions that have been aligned to specific state or Common Core standards 

Deliver Assessments

Deliver formative assessments using a myriad of options, including online with computers or tablets such as iPads, on interactive whiteboards and response devices, on bubble sheets, or traditional pencil and paper

Analyze Results

View and analyze results instantaneously, identify achievement gaps immediately, and monitor progress throughout the school year

Access Resources

Access relevant resources within seconds of assessing proficiency and provide targeted intervention for the entire class or by individual student

LS School Insight makes it easy for principals to monitor student achievement and progress at the click of a mouse.  School Insight provides instant access to progress reports that show how the school is performing throughout the year -- by class or by individual student.

Teachers and principals no longer need to rely on benchmark tests that are pushed down from the district and only taken once or twice a year. With LS School Insight, teachers and school administrators get a snapshot of student, class, and school performance by standard or concept in minutes... in class... in time.  

Key Benefits of the LS Insight Assessment Platform include:

  • Assessment and intervention planning become part of a school's daily activities, not a programmed event.
  • Opportunities for ongoing remediation and differentiated instruction are created every day.
  • Progress reports are available anytime throughout the year.
  • Students are easily grouped for academic improvement planning and progress monitoring.
  • Tests, results, and data are saved to a central repository for anytime, anywhere access. 
Purchase LS School Insight for your school, or purchase the LS School Insight for Districts package.

School Insight for Teachers (PDF)
School Insight for Principals (PDF) 

Reviews & Testimonials:

"Education Backpack has made student and teacher files at Andover Public School always accessible and ever portable.  We were able to eliminate the expense of flash drives, CDs, and printed pages. Now, lesson plans, homework, and other kinds of documents are all available online whenever and wherever they are needed.  Over the three years we’ve used the Education Backpack, we’ve saved thousands of dollars in file storage and printing costs.  I highly recommend Education Backpack to any school system that wants to go paperless or simply save money on hardware and maintenance costs."

Rob Dickson, Director of Technology at Andover Public Schools USD 385

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